In all our advertising and marketing literature, we proudly proclaim that NETLAUNCH was named as a "Cool Site of the Day". This is a true claim.

We have a problem though, would whoever it was that named us "Cool Site of the Day" please get in touch with us. In true StoogeNet fashion, we deleted this message when cutting and pasting to a word processing program, and couldn't figure out how to retrieve it. Thus, we have no idea who bestowed this honor upon NETLAUNCH. It had to have been a major service though, because we got over 7,000 hits during the next few days.

To further compound this misadventure, the mail-to for sending us requests for information was shown as, and no receptacle file was created for this e-mail address. Oh well, who knows how many flames we avoided getting due to this bit of naiveté.

Submitted by Bill & Randy

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