I admit it - I actually paid for Netscape Navigator 2.0 (while it was still free) - and spent untold hours with their technical support to get the noted browser up and running in Windows 3.1 without crapping out.

One of Netscape's recommendations was to change the video drivers back to VGA, as there could be a conflict there, then contact my computer manufacturer for newer video drivers.

Sounded reasonable - this should be no step for a stepper -

The computer manufacturer sent me audio drivers instead, and when queried, they told me that the video drivers were included with the audio.

I incorrectly installed the audio drivers in Windows Setup, and now have "sick audio"...

The good news - I eventually got the correct video drivers reinstalled.

Lesson: For all the half-way newbies out there - be sure to read the manual before getting into the control panel or file manager, and if not sure, call the manufacturer and spend the money to do it correctly the first time. My arrogant error has cost me in excess of $70 in technical support! OK, send me the StoogeNet award with clusters!

Name withheld to protect employment and professional credibility!.

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