You Found It!

Did you notice the file names in the "message" area (at the bottom of the screen) as the cursor was pointing to each hyper-link? If so, you probably found this page quickly because it's the only file titled "correct.html".

The inspiration for this lesson comes from another one of our stoogey experiences...

As a mechanism to generate traffic to the first Web site we developed, we included a multiple choice trivia contest. Prizes were awarded for correctly answering all the questions on the first try. Following our first week on-line, we were shocked at the high percentage of "erudite" contest participants rightfully claiming their prizes. Upon modifying the questions to increase complexity we discovered our mistake. In developing the links to the answer options we named the files "right.html" and "wrong.html".

The lesson here is to remember that file names assigned to your Web pages will appear on the viewer's browser interface. Use care when naming Web page files!

Submitted by Bill & Randy

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