Have I got a story for you....

I was sent by my company up to our McClean, Va office to install some firewall software and machine for our network up there. "Piece of cake,boss", I says.

As soon as I arrived and began configuring the software I was told to move the server to a different location. I didn't like the sounds ofthat since my machine was right next to the router with a T1 connection and I didn't want to string cable. Well, they moved me four stories downstairs. Spent a day running new cable.

Ok, minor set-back, but I'm ready to roll, only the new cable isn't working. Spent an entire day trouble shooting the line only to discover the reason the local administrator had given it up freely was because it was broken. Day two was spent buying new cable and re-running it.

Day three was running smoothly until the fire broke out. It had nothing to do with my work. It was in the garage of the building and the fire department evacuated us for the entire afternoon.

Day four was when the blizzard hit the East Coast and we lost power in the building. I was convinced God himself didn't want me to finish the job and was now calling in the forces of nature to stop me.

I was now out of underwear and clean clothes and was no closer tofinishing the job. At 6:00 P.M. on a Friday the power finally came backon. I had an hour and a half before my flight home left. I hurriedly configured the firewall and caught my flight.

Imagine my surprise on Monday when I discovered I had configured the network cards backwards. I had effectively opened our network to the world while simultaneously preventing anyone on our net from getting to the Internet. (Personally, knowing some of the folks in our company, I think this was really a Good Thing!)

My boss, on the other hand, felt it was a Bad Thing and had me change it back the other way. We got lucky in that no one hacked the system. Actually, I was lucky I didn't get fired. Please don't print the name of my company. I'm in enough hot water.

Mike Couvillion

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