In any dynamic industry, that which we know NOW, is completely irrelevant!

Entertaining Lessons On How NOTTo Do Business On The Internet


Utilization of the Internet as a vehicle for commerce is so new and evolving so rapidly that missteps and errors of judgment are inevitably going to occur to anyone who dares "push the envelope". However, it is difficult to imagine others topping the mistakes we have already made in starting up NETLAUNCH™. Based on these errors, our contribution to the advancement of Internet Marketing is

StoogeNet serves the following purposes:

  1. to provide a forum where learning from the mistakes of otherscan be obtained;
  2. to offer entertainment value in the form of amusing anecdotes from other netizens; and
  3. to promote the tenet that admitting mistakes early and emphatically is part of the netiquette of professional Internet marketers. While we certainly plan on poking funat ourselves, we also hope to help advance the cause of Internet marketing.

StoogeNet will be updated frequently. The StoogeNet site will basically be content and text oriented,however, we will continue to provide intriguing opening graphics. To those that have commented that our opening graphics could only come from warped minds, our response is ; "you have no idea".

Here are our three biggest boners (so far). Can you top them?

Having a successful track record in marketing at Procter &Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, SmithKline Beecham, and H.J.Heinz, as well as enjoying great success in publishing (our firm Schellmark is the largest continuously operated publisher of postcards in the United States), we thought extending ourexpertise to Internet Marketing would be a cake walk... Boy were we ever WRONG!

Stay tuned...

Bill & Randy-- The head stooges at

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