Trading links - An Embarrassing Mistake

One of the things that makes this mistake particularly embarrassing is that my service helps small businesses and professionals use the Internet to successfully market their products and services.

I sent an e-mail to a company to ask if they wanted to trade links and they agreed. I always ask potential link-trading partners what they'd like said about their site and then supply some text for them to potentially use to link to my site. So far, so good.

In this instance, I supplied the wrong link to my site. So, instead of linking to my site, the link I gave my potential trading partner went right to the guest book of a competitor! (It was just a random company that I was surfing to when I wrote the e-mail - I just wasn't paying attention.)

Here's my lesson:

Be very careful and focused when trading links. Don't send e-mail when you are distracted and working on other projects.

To correct the mistake, I sent an e-mail to my potential trading partner that explained my mistake and concluded with:

"I'm very sorry. I think I'll offer this to StoogeNet as an example of stupid things to do when promoting your business on the Internet!"

Submitted by Audri Lanford - ScamBusters - Don't get ripped off promoting your business on the Net. Subscribe to this free Zine.

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