I had just purchased a prized new laptop computer complete with an external 28.8 baud modem. I couldn't wait to schedule an appointment with my biggest customer to introduce them to the Internet. I grabbed my new laptop and headed to their location with a real sense of excitement.

Once there, I did a good job of building up their sense of anticipation for their first exposure to the Internet. I merrily plugged my telephone jack into their suggested outlet. Nothing worked! We decided to move to another conference area, as the President of the company began to lose interest in my presentation. A half hour later, I was left with an audience of the receptionist and President's secretary, when I discovered I had inadvertently connected my modem to a digital (versus analog) phone system -- my brand new modem was fried!

Needless to say, this company temporarily began to wonder about my technical competency. It took several months to recover from this disaster.

Story submitted by Bob Gerenser -

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